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How The GKPG Club Started

The year, was 2020 . . . nobody knew what was in store as the new calendar year turned the pages. Less than a month into the year, a global pandemic had unfolded, known as CoVid-19, or Corona. Throughout 2020, within the United States and around the world, city, state, and nations went in and out of economic lockdown to help reduce and prevent further spread of the virus.

Months had unfolded, and the pandemic had taken the toll on many individuals. As the summer and fall months passed, families being within their households with children at home, adults looked for ways to maintain their own mental health and well being.

Physical connections were limited. Large group sizes, social distancing, etc. . . We became a digital community, culture, and world. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, either became virtual, transformed in some shape, or just didn't happen. While desiring to embrace our loved ones again, we had fear lingering in our minds the potential impacts of that love. We wanted to have connection, but we were constrained in being able to do so.

Through his stream, I recognized an old friend pursuing his passion through streaming. Through the Xbox LIVE platform, Fang Dadhat and I connected. We have known each other for years, but have not connected in sometime. We both share a common passion for the arts, creative side, especially around film. He has pursued a career in that industry; that has always been my aspirations.

Through 'Rocket League', he began streaming; I began consuming, watching, learning, applying a little bit as we go. The reconnection has inspired me to be creative, to capture beauty again from behind the lens of a camera, and to finally begin being comfortable putting out content - regardless of what others think. His actions have inspired me to view life just a little bit differently, and for that I am grateful.

I was also introduced to KillaKPaz, through Fang, and we began playing a lot of 3v3 together. Competitive, Tournaments. This was very true during the Christmas and New Year weeks. Within the game, there is a CLUB option, to partner with your friends, and be a cohesive team. Within the game we formed the Grown Kids Playing Games or GKPG Club.

Our Club's objective is to support other adult gamers, who use the platforms, games, and community as a passion. We want to support others in healthy and positive manners. We want to be inclusive of all individuals, and their uniqueness, perspectives, and opinions.

Ultimately, we want to help others have fun, pursue your passion, and enjoy each other's company!

Welcome to Grown Kids Playing Games. . . 'This is ROCKET LEAGUE!'

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