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1 Month Ago . . .

Hard to believe how young our club is with regards to how many awesome people we have brought together in the span of 30 days. A month ago, a crazy club idea of a Hoops Madness tournament drove a website, social, and discord presence for the club.

The Grown Kids Playing Games Rocket League Club outgrew the max number of Roster spots in Rocket League - Psyonix our club needs to make a request for Roster Spot Count. Coach is going to see what he can do! Due to this, our managerial team made some executive decisions around how we are going to manage our RL Club Rosters - Stay Tuned.

For now, let's review the Season 3 Grown Kids Playing Games starting Roster.

Grown Kids Playing Games - We are so grateful to be able to help build this community for you all. Please have an amazing Season 3!How did the 64 2v2 Team, multiple weekend Grown Kids Playing Games Hoops Madness tournament go? Overall, we feel it was a huge success. The early tournament winners continued to come back - although not all were at the finals. We gained a lot of learnings and perspective around opportunities to improve future events, including not doing a multiple weekend event, but instead a very large tournament on a single day, with other games playing on the side.

As far as the competitors go, a big shout out to Team 'FORTNITE DADDY'S' and the roster of ZINXIE V & ZOYRAZ.

The championships was a hard fight with TTV-STUHN & DANNYMIR01, who were our very first entry tournament bracket winners several weeks back. We thank all the players who participated in the tournament over the several weeks of activity. Not going to lie, we are happy Hoops Madness is complete. :D

If you would like to become involved in the club, please submit your email information and provide your EPIC Tag, Platform and Discord Name & # and we will contact you for Club Tryouts!

- Coach Shasta

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